Know before you buy – The Travel Industry Council of Ontario

TICO – is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Ontario Travel Industry Act, 2002 and Ontario Regulation 26/05 on behalf of the Ontario government. The legislation governs all of the approximately 2,500 travel retailers and travel wholesalers registered in Ontario. In addition, TICO administers an industry-financed Travel Compensation Fund. Their mission is to promote a fair and informed marketplace where consumers can be confident in their travel purchases. The purpose of TICO is to offer consumer protection through regulation, registration, inspection, supervision and discipline of registrants.

Always look for the TICO logo when you purchase travel.

With the availability of the internet, there is an ever-increasing number of companies from outside the province that advertise in Ontario. Only consumers who book through TICO registrants are protected by the Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund.

Sylvia Isaac, who operates Christian Fellowship Tours, is a licensed travel agent, working in association with Travel Professionals International (TPI), a registered TICO travel retailer. All travel planning is covered under the consumer protection of the Travel Industry Council of Ontario. Learn more about TICO HERE.

TICO protects you in four main ways.